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mata ortiz pottery

Mata Ortiz,CHIHUAHUA, México

Clay crafts developed with the traditional technique rediscovered and refined by Juan Quezada who, having found pieces of great antiquity in his home town, decided to start the creative process that would eventually take him to obtain the secret of this ancient technology.

Each piece, unique in its design and pattern, carry a large method of hand-modeling, sanding, varnishing and painting in the traditional reds, whites, oranges, yellows and blacks, all acquired from mineral and clay mixtures from the advantageous geographical position they hold, worked incessantly to achieve tones of high gloss and contrast.

The technical perfection that Mata Ortiz artisans have reached, along with their continuous innovative designs have placed them among the most prized craftsmen in the world, having developed to the maximum the art of the free hand drawing and reminding us of another great inspiration and reference in the world imagery: M.S. Escher.

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