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wool rugs

teotitlán del valle, oaxaca, México

Teotitlán del Valle is recognized worldwide for the creation of sarapes, rugs, carpets, curtains, among other textile pieces, all made of wool, dyed and woven, line by line, in loom. The artisan artists of the region use Spanish type looms, a tradition that was established in the colony and, although the current designs are not the same, there are some artists who still try to represent pre-Hispanic, Zapotec and Mixtec themes.

Since our rugs are made to measure and to the customer's liking, contact us! or send us an email to mismabarro@gmail.com, so that we can provide you with advice and make a SPECIAL wool rug, just for you.

To help us provide you with better advice, send us the dimensions and style of  the rug you have in mind, in the following contact format.

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Los precios están expresados en pesos mexicanos e incluyen IVA  /  Prices are expressed in Mexican Pesos