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When can I expect my order to arrive?

Our products have an approximate shipping time of 12 to 15 business days from the moment of the order. Being handmade at the time of your order, they can occasionally have variable delivery times, but we will always keep you informed about the status of your delivery!


Can I customize my order?

Some of our categories are available for product customization:

- Pottery tableware: Change your colors, choose how many decoration lines you prefer and / or add a text or logo. Remember that we can work from individual pieces to complete services! Just contact us at mismobarro@gmail.com and we will gladly design a package that suits you!.


- Textiles: Our hand-embroidered textiles - such as Tenango table runners and pillow covers - can include embroidered text. If required, contact us and we will respond as soon as possible with the service quote.

- Copper: In addition to the hammered finish, we can manufacture your pieces in polished glossy finish, matt polish, or rust. Just contact us after placing your order to confirm your finish change, no extra charge.

What do I do if my product arrives broken or does not arrive?

In the rare case that your craft arrives broken or damaged, we will take care of your exchange or return, at no cost to you! Just follow the following procedure:


In Mexico:

1. Contact our service center within a period of no more than 48 hours, requesting the return/exchange of the product. Mention what the defect or circumstance is, and we will contact you immediately.

2. Del Mismo Barro will send a prepaid guide through the corresponding parcel company, and the date will be programmed to collect the product at the address provided.

3. Pack the product in its original box or packaging (be sure to include your purchase receipt), print and deliver the guide, as well as the product in its original packaging to the Carrier Company on the date scheduled for that purpose.


Returns and exchanges are not available for international shipping, international orders are final.


Do you ship abroad?

Yes! Since international shipments have variable prices, and may include taxes, we prefer to do it in a personalized way and not through the check out. Contact us for international orders, you will receive an immediate response via email!

Do you offer wholesale prices?

Each piece is made by hand at the time of your order. Due to our fair pricing policy and "no" to price bargaining, we do not offer wholesale prices at the time


What do I do if I duplicate my order by mistake?

Contact us within 24 hours of the order to make the immediate refund and cancel the duplicate order. The desired product will follow the delivery process as planned, informing you at every step!

Do you offer any discount or payment facilities?

At Del Mismo Barro we offer fair prices to our artisans and our prices are fixed based on this and the requirements of organization, handling and delivery of products, so we do not usually offer special discounts. As a growing company, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, with which you will receive a 5% coupon on your first purchase on the page, as well as news about other surprises throughout the year.



How do you choose the artisans that are part of your catalog?

Visiting Mexico! All our products and collaborators so far have been found on the road, visiting workshops far from city centers and meeting families who strive to keep their craft alive. For the most part, we have artisans that sell retail in a local market, inviting them to participate in a growth and diffusion project for their handcraft.


How do they help artisans and artists?

Del Mismo Barro is an extensive support project in process, which is why we have decided to grow in steps:

In this first phase, we work on the diffusion of high quality crafts, all handmade, all made in Mexico, all made with special attention and love for the work. First of all, we seek to respect the prices established by our artisan collaborators, implementing a policy of NO bargaining.

The second phase is now starting! Transmitting the work of each of our collaborators, you will soon be able to see through our web page a series of videos where you will get to know the inside of the workshops, the techniques and the history of how our pieces are produced. With this, we fight day by day for the preservation of the trade and the propagation of knowledge about its importance.

In the third phase, we’ll reinvest in our artisans through a support network, investing in the acquisition of equipment, supplies or training they require, adjusting a fixed percentage of support and facilitating the sale of their products.

What do I do if I want to collaborate as an artisan?

Contact us at mismobarro@gmail.com, include photos of your work and tell us a little about your trade and community in case you work as a team with others, we love to see the team grow! Remember that to support the largest number of artisan communities and avoid internal competition, we give preference to pieces different from those already listed in our catalog.

I like you social network and diffusion of Mexican art! Do they have exchange programs and collaborations?

Yes! We believe in the sense of community and mutual support, which is why we like to support other 100% Mexican companies. Contact us for exchange proposals, publications on social networks and other collaborations, we are all ears!


Do you do special projects?

Yes! We love participating in special projects whether it is interior decoration or event styling. Contact us if:

  • You are looking for our free advice on decorating your home, office, hotel… We are a team of interior designers.

  • You are looking for the perfect guest giveaways and deco details for events (from weddings and private parties to corporate and business events).

  • You like what you see in our products, but you have special requirements. Ask for our customization options and tailor-made fittings.


Is your hand painted pottery free of lead?

Yes! Our pottery dishes from Dolores Hidalgo are 100% safe for use at the table, and are safe for use in microwaves and dishwashers also.


How do I care for my product?

Visit our blog where we continuously publish care guides for your ceramic, textile, copper, stone and pottery products, as well as Mexican inspiration of all kinds and reflections on our work as diffusers of the culture of our country.

Do you sell other products than the ones I see on the web page?

We strive every day to make our available catalog more complete! Subscribe to the newsletter to receive notifications about new products, or contact us and we will do our best to get the product you are looking for even if it is not yet published.

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